Debunking the Myths About Hearing God (Book Review)

Many of us have confusing ideas regarding what it means to hear from God. We think of audible voices or outlandish experiences. We think we’ll hear Him as obviously as if fireworks had been set off and doubts will not exist when He speaks.

We all know what really happens though: We doubt, we hear subtle things we aren’t sure are God. Meanwhile, another Christian seems to have those fireworks encounters and we feel like something must be wrong with us. Perhaps we just aren’t as spiritual as the people around us.

The book Hearing God by Nathan Finochio deals with these lies and more. This book helps combat the “myths” we have about hearing God and His movement in our lives. It will even mention those super spiritual friends whose relationship with God makes you feel like you must be a failure in yours.

 Humorous and down-to-earth, this book reads like a conversation in a coffee shop as the author shares about hearing God’s voice. You’ll feel as if you’ve found a friend who cares enough to simplify what it means to have conversation with God. You’ll feel as if you’ve finally found someone who wants you to discover the real reason God wants you to grow in hearing His voice, without being so serious the topic becomes boring.

This book brings us back to the simple truth of God’s Word on the subject. If we’ll begin the journey personally, the truths shared in this book will cut through the myths and lies we believe about experiencing the reality of what we most long for: To hear our very Father and Creator speaking to our hearts.

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(A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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  1. Thank you for bringing this book to our attention. To learn how to hear Him is so critical for our own growth, isn’t It? We are not taught in church how this conversation with God works so I am glad Nathan has written this work. May His own take time to learn how to hear His voice and follow only Him.

    Homer Les

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